Celebrating 10 Years of Honoring Public Service Workers

In the heart of every thriving community lies a dedicated group of public service workers, individuals who selflessly dedicate themselves to the betterment of our communities. Mountain West Financial recognizes their invaluable contributions and, for the past decade, has been on a mission to make homeownership dreams a reality. The CalPATH and PATH Home Loan Programs stand as a testament to this commitment, offering tailored financing solutions designed exclusively for those who serve. Join us as we celebrate a decade of empowering public service heroes and dive into the journey that led to the creation of these exceptional programs.

A Journey of Gratitude and Commitment

The story begins in 2013 when Mountain West Financial took on the role of master servicer for the CalSTRS Home Loan Program. Despite initial challenges, the team at Mountain West Financial remained resolute in their mission to provide accessible home financing solutions for public service workers. This dedication led to the introduction of the CalPATH Home Loan Program later that year, filling a crucial gap created by market conditions.

Evolving to Serve a Broader Community

The journey didn't stop there. In 2014, recognizing the need to extend this invaluable service to even more states and communities, the program underwent a transformation and was aptly renamed "PATH." This expansion marked a significant milestone, broadening the reach of the program and enabling a more diverse range of public service workers to benefit from tailored home financing.

Benefits of CalPATH & PATH

  • Reduced Processing & Underwriting Fees: Public service workers deserve every opportunity to achieve their homeownership dreams without the burden of excessive fees.
  • Diverse Loan Options: With offerings including FHA, Conventional, and VA loans, the program caters to the unique needs of military veterans and public service workers.
  • High Balance Loans: Recognizing that some homes exceed standard loan limits, the program ensures financing options for such cases.
  • Refinance Options: The benefits extend beyond new home purchases, offering opportunities to optimize mortgage terms for long-term financial stability.
  • One Free Float Down: This unique feature provides peace of mind by allowing a potential rate reduction within the first 30 days after rate lock.

A Decade of Honoring Public Service Workers

As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of CalPATH & PATH, we do so with a profound sense of gratitude. Gratitude for the public service workers who tirelessly contribute to the fabric of our society and gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of their homeownership journey. At Mountain West Financial, we believe in more than just financing homes; we believe in building stronger, more vibrant communities. The CalPATH & PATH Home Loan Programs are our way of saying "Thank You" and ensuring that those who serve have every opportunity to achieve the dream of homeownership.

A decade of CalPATH & PATH is not just a milestone for us, but a testament to the strength and resilience of public service workers. It's a celebration of dreams realized and communities strengthened. As we look forward to the future, we remain committed to supporting those who dedicate themselves to making our world a better place. Join us in commemorating a decade of service, and let's continue to build brighter futures, one home at a time.

* Specific loan program availability and requirements may vary. Please get in touch with your mortgage advisor for more information.