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Top Trends in 'Barkitecture'

Pet-friendly features for dogs is a popular trend among today's homebuyers. The number of buyers interested in home features that help their furry family members feel more comfortable is growing.

Here are four popular 'barkitecture' trends:

  1. Dog washing stations.
    These often resemble pet-sized showers and can be in a laundry or mudroom. These make it easy to clean muddy paws after a walk or give pets a quick bath.

  2. Hidden feeding areas.
    Buyers are prioritizing hidden food and watering stations for their pets to ensure feeding is organized, sanitary and convenient. They can be incorporated into kitchen islands and usually include a pot-filler faucet for water bowls.

  3. Under-the-counter fridges.
    Homebuyers who like to keep their pet's food fresh often look for a separate discreet refrigerator. Small fridges located under a counter or hidden in a kitchen cabinet are popular locations.
  4. Hand showers.
    A hand shower and attachments for existing tubs and showers are inexpensive ways to help buyers create an environment for pampering pets.


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